Light Booth, Colorimeter & Spectrophotometer are the 3 most popular solutions for color quality control. Many products have very high requirements for colors. Especially for some products, color is one of the most important key, such as textile, garment, leather, plastic, paint, rubber, cosmetics, food, furniture, printing, package and etc. In the whole supply chain, it is important to ensure all the colors are consistent with customer’s requirements. However, to avoid the problem of color difference in products in the reproducing line, 3 devices can give us a perfect color management solution.

Light Booth

The Light Booth is an essential tool for visual color assessment, also very easy to use, effective and economical. It provides international standard lighting conditions, such as Daylight D65, TL84, TL83, UV, F, U30, CWF, U35, D50, etc. and more. To keep the color consistent, one of the most important thing is to keep color inspection under a same light source. We follow customer’s light source, i.e. if they use D65 we don’t use U30, we use D65 only.

Light booths are also called color assessment cabinet, color light boxes, color matching booth and so on.


The colorimeters are precision color measuring instruments. They are lightweight, compact and can be taken anywhere to do the onsite color measurements. They are mainly used in production and inspection applications by the color difference manufacturer to check color measurement. The color difference value can be displayed as L*a*b*, L*C*h, Yxy, XYZ, LUV, Hunter LAB, and sRGB.


The spectrophotometer is used for high-precision analysis and accurate color measurement mainly in laboratory and research and development applications. The spectrophotometer can give you an absolute value of Lab.