Project Description

Verivide CAC 120-5 Colour assessment cabinet

The CAC 120-5 is a medium sized Light Box but with a choice of 5 Light Sources – adding increased flexibility to the excellent viewing conditions and the consistency offered by all VeriVide Colour Control Cabinets, the first light source is usually D65.

The CAC 120-5 is ideal for those who require two ‘point of sale’ light sources such as 840P15 with either 830 or Cool White in the same light box to satisfy the requirements of multiple customers. If required A or H can be supplied instead of F or A can replace F and H can be the fifth light source if both A and H are required. See Lamp Options for more information.

•Colour viewing size is 1200mm
• 5 light sources available for each model including D65, D50, 840P15, F and UV – see 
Lamp options.
• Internal finishes in Munsell N5, Munsell N7 or Grey 5574
• Diffuser and/or dimmer options available

ModelDimensions (mm)WidthHeightDepth
CAC 60-4Overall710545420
Viewing Area680360380
CAC 60-5Overall710545540
Viewing Area680360495
CAC 120-4 and CAC 120-5Overall1290755620
Viewing Area1260570585
CAC 150-4 and CAC 150-5Overall1560755620
Viewing Area1530570585

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