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Plate inspection – Color Control Station CPD

Increase the safety and efficiency of conventional plates and spot checks with the color quality color control station CPD – available in 2 sizes.

Color quality control of printing plates is more challenging with the modern digital work-flow. Often times, the printing plate is the last possibility to conduct a visual inspection before the printing press starts.

The Control Station CPD by Vteke allows printing companies prevent costly errors that could have easily been prevented. Using the 20x magnifying glass, customers can quickly scan plates to find any errors, issues or artifacts to avoid the additional costs of reprinting due to a simple error.

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The Control Station CPD includes

Available in 2 sizes – 1320 x 900mm or 1750 x1320mm.

Asymmetrical proof light – Consistently illuminates the printing plate.

Vertical control panel – Comfortably and ergonomically inspect plates.

Easy to use 2.0X magnifying glass – Smooth horizontal and vertical movement of magnifying glass with comfortable hand rest.

Height of the inspection surface is adjustable – Comfortably view samples from any height.

Slant of the inspection surface is adjustable – Correct plates where and when you find them.

Illuminance arer(mm)1320×9001750×1320
Color temperatureD65×2  yellow light×2D65×2  yellow light×2
Power supply100V-227V100V-227V
Packing size(M)1.56×0.35×1.042.0×0.4×1.3
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