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Overhead Luminaires- Asymmetrical/ Symmetrical

Ideal for printing, packaging, plastics, paints, inks, textiles, furniture, appliances, automotive and more.

The thin profile of CPL series luminaires ideally suit them for design studios, conference rooms and other office applications. Graphiclite overhead luminaires are an affordable solution to create an ISO 3664:2009 D50 compliant viewing area where it is not practical to use a color viewing booth or other means to view large formats.

Vteke overhead luminaires utilize an innovative prismatic lens and geometric design to produce superior light evenness across a large space. All color viewing lamps for Vteke overhead luminaires are engineered to output a balanced D50.

CPL series luminaires are available with symmetrical or asymmetrical reflectors:

  • Symmetrical – Several fluorescent tubes cast light vertically on the viewing surface, which is then consistently distributed throughout the light containing system.
  • Asymmetrical – Several fluorescent tubes cast light at different horizontal and vertical angles on the viewing surface before the light containing system distributes brightness evenly across both surfaces.

Vteke overhead luminaires come standard with single-source D50 lighting. A switch and line cord are included with purchase. The overhead luminaires are available in 2 sizes: 1200mm & 1500mm.

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TypeDimension (mm)Illuminance Area (mm)Lighting AnglePower / Length / Quantity
CPL-124S1350W×760D×130H1155W×580DSymmetrical36W (or 32W)/1200/D50/4
CPL-124A1350W×760D×130H1155W×580DAsymmetrical36W (or 32W)/1200/D50/4
CPL-125S1350W×905D×130H1155W×720DSymmetrical36W (or 32W)/1200/D50/5
CPL-125A1350W×905D×130H1155W×720DAsymmetrical36W (or 32W)/1200/D50/5
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