Project Description

Metal Detector

Vteke provide many quality any highly-performance metal detectors. Customized available

Vteke provide many quality any highly-performance metal detectors. Applicable to detect needle and other iron remains for underwear, shirts, sweaters, down coats, shoes, socks, bed linens plush toys, etc.


●Detection for all metal
Any metallic foreign object can be detected regardless of kinds of metal.

●Precise detection by original designed sensor
Achieved precise & accurate detection by original designed sensor.

●Precise sensitivity adjustment
stepless adjustment, and the best sensitivity can be set for the respective item
●Conveyor reverse function
conveyor belt will be reversed after detection.  The default items will not mix.

Power Supply: AC220V±10%;

Power: 60W;

Sensitivity: φ1.2m≥20MM;

Size: 1820X1040X900MM;

Weight: 250KG;

Detection Height: 100MM-200MM; Detection Width: 600MM(non-standard);

Test Standard: ≥φ0.8(Fe); ≥φ01.5(Fe)

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