Project Description

Footwear needle detector

Vteke ND-380C/B is a footwear metal detector

Vteke ND-380C/B is a needle detector machine specialized in detecting broken needles,shoe nail,wire, staples and other metals of footwear production line, the stability and sensitivity ideal for all kind of shoes inpection to ensure 100% safe. Now, many of our customers has been using this type such as Nike and Adiads.


  • High delicacy and reliable performance.
  • A wide range of applications.
  • High anti-jamming ability.
  • Best quality assurance with best customer service.
  • Test method: magnetic induction type
  • Detection sensitivity: ball Fe Phi 0.6mm ~ 1.2mm
  • Sensitivity adjustment: stepless
  • Alarm mode: sound, light alarm
  • Conveyor belt speed: about 26 M / min
  • Power source: AC220V50Hz
  • Motor power: 220V60W
  • Dimension: (W) 400mm x (H) 90mm ~ 140mm
  • Weight: about 185kg
  • Belt speed: about 33M/Min
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