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D65 light

D65 light is international standard Artificial Daylight

D65 – International standard Artificial Daylight, color temperature is 6500K. CIR is 98. Specified for most applications where color consistency and quality are required. High conformance to ISO 23603 – CIE S 012/E specifications for accurate colour matching.

Vteke also specialized in international standard lamp import, wholesale and retail such as daylihgt D65, D50, Cool whitle CWF, F/A, UV, U30, U35, TL83, TL84 etc. All color matching lamps provided by global famous manufacturers such as Philips, VeriVide, Gretag Macbeth, GE, Sylavania, Osram, and more.

High quality, competitive price. Serve customers with absolutely no imitations. To ensure the high quality of our viewing booth, Vteke only use the lamps above famous brands as our light sources. Some of the D65 lights as below:

D65 – Philips TL-D 90 Delux 18W/965

D65 – Philips TL-D 90 Delux 36W/965

D65 – Philips TL-D 90 Delux 58W/965

D65 – GretagMacbeth 6500K F20T12/65

D65 – GretagMcbeth F40T12/65

D65 – VeriVide F20T12/D65

D65 – VeriVide F40T12/D65 40W

D65 – VeriVide F65T12/D65 65W

D65 – VeriVide F65T12/D65 65W

D65 – Philips TL-D 90 Graphica18W/965

D65 – Philips TL-D 90 Graphica 36W/965

D65 – Philips TL-D 90 Graphica 58W/965

D65 – Sylvania F20W/54-765/RS

D65 – Sylvania F40W/54-765/RS

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