Project Description

Conveyor type Needle Detector ND-620C/B & ND-630C/B

Vteke Needle detectors provides 100% inspection to ensure no broken needle left in a product! Tunnel with 4 sides permanent magnet maintain high sensitivity to maximun 0.8mm (diameter)ferrous ball.

  • High delicacy and reliable performance.
  • A wide range of applications textile, children garment, footwear, toys, food, cosmetics,etc
  • High anti-jamming ability
  • Best quality assurance with best customer service01
  • It provides all the benefits and functions of the 630 C/B with a highly-performance SANKO sensor system, that’s makes the instrument to be more sensitive and reliable.
  • Warning alarm starts up with sound and light when any metal body is detected.
  • Probe light indicator tells you the position of the detected foreign metal body.
  • Auto counter for detected foreign metal bodies.
  • Combines the functions of B-type needle detector and C-type needle detector.
  • High delicacy and high anti-jamming ability.
Detecting MethodMagnet induction system
Detecting Ability Fe≥Ø0.8mm-1.2mm,stepless adjustmentFe≥Ø0.8mm-3.0mm,stepless adjustment
Detecting Width620mm600mm
Detecting Height100~400mm
Alarm Methodbuzzer,detecting position lamp,belt return
Power supplyAC220V±10%
Weightaround 200kg
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