Project Description

Color Viewing Booth- with a transparency table

CPS-3T – 1200mm

CPS-6T -1500mm

All viewers in the the CPS family are versatile viewing booths, designed to be compatible in both an office/conference room setting and production work area.

The CPS series produces superior light consistency and rear wall luminosity, all in an energy efficient color viewing booth. This a result of high-end electronic ballasts combined with Graphic T8 fluorescent lamps (ISO 3664:2000 lighting compliant).

The CPS series features an asymmetrical D50 lighting luminaire that illuminates two separate working surfaces. The horizontal surface is illuminated with the sheets and the vertical surface is illuminated with the samples. These color viewing booths also come with with 6 file storage drawers, ample enough to store full sheets without folding.

With light source graphic D50 or a more suitable lamp to meet a customer’s specific needs, the CPS series is ideal for making accurate visual color judgments in the graphics arts, printing, packaging and photography industries.

Models of the CPS Series:

  • CPS-3T – A1 size with a transparency table for viewing color of plastic sheets.
  • CPS-6T – full size with a transparency table for film color evaluation


Simple descriptionsBasic A1 sizeWith transparency tableTable risingBasic full sizeWith transparency tableTable rising
Dimension1350mm × 1120mm × 2350mm1650mm × 1260mm × 2350mm
Illuminance area1270mm × 760mm1570mm × 950mm
Back board1230mm × 1028mm1230m × 1160mm1530mm × 1028mm1530mm × 1160mm
Angle of rising tableNonMax30°NonMax30°
transparency tableNon1240 × 700NonNon1540 × 900Non
Size of drawer1240mm × 770mm1240m × 690mm1540mm × 940mm1540mm × 860mm
No. of drawers6
Height of drawer70mm
Type of luminaireCPL-125ACPL-155A
Length of tube1200mm1500mm
Power of light32W or 36W58W
No. of tubes55 (Reflective)566 (Reflective)6
4 (Transitive)4 (Transitive)
Color temperature5000K / 6500K
Color rendering index98 / 92
Packing size (M)1.45 × 1.09 × 1.311.75 × 1.30 × 1.35
Power supply100V – 227V




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