Project Description

Executive Viewing Station– floor stand

Model: CPT-2

The aesthetic design of the CPT makes it the perfect viewing booth for conference rooms and other office environments.

The elegant design of the CPT makes it the ideal viewer for conference room, lobby, and office environments. All CPT viewers utilize state-of-the-art electronic ballasts which are combined with professional Graphic T8 fluorescent lamps to produce superior light evenness, excellent rear wall illumination, and enhanced energy efficiency.

The CPT’s luminaire is positioned parallel to the floor and utilizes an asymmetrical lens design which directs light at an angle ensuring consistent illumination on the work surface and rear wall. This position is also ideal for soft proofing applications and viewing stations equipped with a densitometer or spectrophotometer.

Vteke’s CPT D50 viewing booths include a built in horizontal and vertical viewing positions. One button control and display lamp hours.

CPT viewing booths are available for desktop stand and floor stand. Color viewing booth family a variety of model sizes ideally dimensioned for labels, packaging, multiple press sheets, larger format sizes, and group critiques are available .

Optional accessories: Replacement lamps.

Dimension1100mm × 850mm × 1940mm800mm × 720mm × 1000mm
(W * D * H)
StandFloor standDesktop stand
Illuminance area1000mm × 750mm800mm × 550mm
Back board1000mm × 700mm700mm × 620mm
Length of tube895mm590mm
Power of tube30W × 518W × 4
Color temperature 5000K / 6500K5000K/6500K
Color rendering index9098
Power supply100V – 227V100V – 227V
Packing size (M)1.23 × 0.38 × 0.930.87 × 0.32 × 0.82
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