Project Description

CAC-12 Color Viewing Booth -3 light source -1200mm

Using light sources D65, D50 and U30, this viewing booth is perfect for high quality color matching in the printing industry.

The CAC-12 Color Viewing Booth is used for color reproduction and to control color quality in the printing, ink and furnishings industries. Depending on the lighting conditions, an object may appear to be a different color when judged by the naked eye. Using the CAC-12 results in accurate colors for every situation.

 The CAC-12 comes standard with D65, D50, and U30 light sources, but customers can customize the light sources for optimal color reproduction. Choose from our lamp options, including D65, D50, U30, CWF, TL84 and UV.

 Controlled by a microcomputer, there is a rapid conversion of light sources and a display that shows the running time of the individual light sources. The lifespan of a lamp is directly related to the accumulated running time and how often it is turned on. Change out a lamp when it has been used for more than 2,000 hours, the light is no longer stable or the two sides turn black. It is important to replace the lamp in a timely manner or color reproductions will be inaccurate.

 The CAC-12 light booth can be built to your requirements, including drawers for storing proofs and other approved standards. A transmission table and sizing options are available.

Replacement lamps -TL84, UV, CWF, U30, 830

Professional grade lamps (light source):

36W D65 *4

36W D50 *4

36W U30 *4

Worktable Dimension (length × width): 1320mm × 780mm

Overall Dimension (length×width×height):

Option 1: 1320mm × 800mm × 1700mm

Option 2: 1320mm × 800mm × 1900mm


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