Project Description

The Color reader VT-18 with aperture switches between 8mm, 4mm & 40mm  to meet different industries color management. 

The Color Reader VT-10 is easy to use, portable and economical like never before. The Color Reader VT-10 is a very compact, li-ion battery powered for long time use one chargeble can be use up to 5000 times, hand-held portable colorimeter for quick color control. At first, simply measure the target and then the sample. After one second the color difference – expressed in L*a*b* and dE* or L*C*H* and dE* – will appear on the LCD display. The measuring area of 8 mm, 4mm and 40mm can be swichble in addition to the 8/d geometry allows a universal use in a wide variety of applications. All color measurements are taken under the conditions of standard illuminant D65 and 10° observer. For print out of the readings the VT-10 can be connected to an external printer.


The VT-10 Tristimulus Colorimeter is used to check the color differences between two samples. It fits in the palm of your hand for easy portability, and is great for field operations. This economical, high quality instrument is ideal for users in need of multiple devices. The VT-10 colorimeter is the epitome of elegant simplicity, making it easy to operate even for first-time users.

  • Simple to Use– only has functions that are necessary for use, making it easy even for first-time users
  • LCD Display Screen– displays color difference expressed in L*a*b* and dE* or L*C*H* and dE*
  • Compact size and lightweight– li-ion battery-operated up to 5000 times measurments for one charge and fits in the palm of you hand so it can be taken almost anywhere
  • Low Priced– economically-priced so it is great for first-time users and those who need more than one device


Product NameColorimeter / Color Reader
Display ModesCIELAB
Color Difference Formula△E*ab
Illuminating / viewing geometry8/d (8°; illumination angle / diffuse viewing)
Light SourceLED blue excitation
SensorPhotodiode array
Measurement apertureφ8mm, φ4mm, φ40mm can be switchable
Measurement ConditionsObserver: CIE 10°, Standard observer
Illuminant: CIE standard illuminant D65
Measuring rangeL*: 0 to 100
Repeatability△E<0.08 (take the deviation average after measuring the whiteboard 30 times)
Inter-instrument agreement△E*ab: within 0.2
Minimum interval between measurements0.5 Sec
Storable data setsMax. 10000 pieces of data100 target and 100 samples for each target data
LanguagesChinese and English
Battery performanceLi-ion battery with approximately 5000 measurement for each charge
Lifetime of bulb5 years of more than 1.6 million measurements
Display screenTFT true color 2.8inch @ (16:9)
Interface of externalUSB2.0(USB-B) RS-232 (115200bps) – connected with micro printer
Operating temperature / humidity range0° to 40° C with relative humidity of 85% or less (at 35° C) with no condensation
Storage temperature / humidity range-20° to 40° C with relative humidity of 85% or less (at 35° C) with no condensation
Size199*68*90 mm
Package size400*240*340 mm
Standard accessoriesUSB cable, 3000mAH Li-ion battery, AC adapter, User manual, Warranty card
Optional accessoriesMicro printer, powder test chassis, multifunctional test accessories