The CRI for graphic color viewing booths

Color Viewing Booth

In printing,graphic, image and package industries,need the color viewing station with a high CRI (color rendering index) light sources for color evaluation.a high CRI light source can show the original colors more accurately.

Vteke color viewing stations come with full spectrum fluorescent tubes D50 or D65 light source, specialized in the printing industry .

D50 light sources: Color Proof ‘Artificial Daylight’ for graphic and photographic applications., color temperature is 5000K. CRI is 98

D65 light sources: International standard Artificial Daylight, color temperature is 6500K. CIR is 98.

Do you know that not all the D50 or D65 lamps can be used for printing industries? If you want get the right color, use the light source with a graphica standard. Vteke color proof stations tubes from these famous manufacturers: PHILIPS, Lumichrom, TRUE LITE, OSRAM