Color assessment cabinet

Color quality control system including color assessment and color measurement, the technology has developed far beyond of textile, dyes, paints, inks and digital colors, mainly used to compare color difference and select colors, to measure and test color reproduction quality, to keep colors consistency across global supply chains, and to replace human vision for faster and more objective color evaluation.

Color Assessment & Color measurement technology also can be used to improve product quality and safety in many industries not the most important key with color, such as food, drink, chemicals, agriculture, medicine etc.
In particular the ability to digits, store, process and communicate color data has massively increased the potential of color technologies to benefit both industry and society.

Vteke has been focus on provide accurate color quality control equipment, quality color assessment cabinets, D50 lighting booths, colorimeters and spectrophotometers and color assessment related products, make more effective to improve products confidence.

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