7 tips for using color assessment cabinets effectively

Color assessment cabinet

  1. Put the Color Assessment Cabinet at the desktop in a correct height for viewing,normally, the desktop not higher than 100cm will be better, the correct and best angle for color viewing is 45 degress. To make a accurate color evaluation you can also purchase a Vteke 45 degress angle board separately if required.
  2. Avoid the others direct lighting, site the light cabinet away from direct lighting, do not face a window and make sure no overhead strip lighting spill into the cabient.
  3. View the product at the correct angle – 45 degrees is the best angle for color assessment. you use an angled board if specified by your customer or if you feel it would help. Suitable for use with Vteke’s Colour Assessment Cabinets (CAC), the Angle Board standardises viewing geometry to an optimal angle of 45 degrees. This is available to purchase separately as is the Tilting Table which as the name describes can tilt to the required angle. The Tilting Table is particularly useful for viewing shiny objects as the table can be tilted to remove the white specular light reflection which can be observed when light hits something shiny or reflective. These have been used to view ceramic or slate tiles, vehicle paint finishes, foils and other surface coatings, glossy plastic and even satin ribbons.45 angled table for color assessment
  4. Keep the light cabinet without any other object except the color standard and the samples that you are viewing. If you have color submissions presented on photocopy paper we recommend that these are removed from the paper before assessment as the fluorescence of the white paper will provide a distraction to your eyes when viewing. Likewise your mobile, cup of coffee or the memo you have been reading will also provide a distraction and affect the light reflection around the cabinet.
  5. Keep the interior of the cabinet clean, it should be wiped regularly with a soft dry cloth as should the lamps (but ensure they are switched off and have cooled down before touching them!)
  6. Don’t switch the power of the color assessment cabinet frequently, if you will back to the use the color light box in 3 or 5 minutes don not turn off the power that can make a longer lifetime for the lamps and light cabinet.
  7. Every group of light sources if runing up to 2000 hours then need to replace it. The color performance of the lamps will drop off after this time even though the lamps will continue to illuminate for many more hours and so you may make a different decision on a color to that of your supplier if they have recently replaced the lamps and your cabinet has old lamps or vice versa. Vteke Color light box have a time meter in the front of the cabinets, that it’s easy to see the using time for each group of lamps.