Color viewing booth with D50 light source is especially for prints, photographs, other graphic arts, and package industries. It’s very easy to use, and very effective for color measurement. To ensure an accurate color communicating conditions, the following 6 tips will help you to find a suitable color viewing booth quickly.

Professional printing lamps:

The lamps used for printing, photo image, graphic and package industries need to be compliant with a professional international standard ISO 3664:2009. The lamp type D50 is the most popular one, also have D65 and other types that can be used. Some color viewing lamps brand and features are as below:

PHILIPS with ‘Graphic’, Lumichrom from Germany, TRUE LITE from USA, Osram from Germany


A variety of options for printing light booths ranges, portable, desktop, overhead luminaires, and floor stand for large samples. Very easy to select the size, it is recommended that the viewing area to be large enough to allow side-by-side comparison of prints and proofs.

Transparency viewer requirement:

Light booth with a transparent table is ideal for film color evaluation and viewing color of plastic sheets.

Asymmetrical or Symmetrical

Choose floor stand or overhead luminaires, also check if you need Asymmetrical or Symmetrical.

Asymmetrical – Several fluorescent tubes are used to cast light at different angles on the vertical and the horizontal surfaces of the viewing table. The light containing system manages even level of brightness for both the surfaces.

Symmetrical – Light from several fluorescent tubes are used to cast light vertically on the viewing surface and distributed evenly through the light containing system.


In order to view your samples effectively without the influence of surrounding or background colors, the interior of the all light booths are finished in a neutral matt grey Munsell color.


The voltage can be installed as per the local requirements of the individual customers.

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