5 Tips for Selecting A Color Measuring Instrument

Vteke color measuring instrument can be used by almost any industries. Many tips to select a color measuring instrument quickly are as below:

1. Do you need a Colorimeter or Spectrophotometer?

The colorimeter is mainly used in production and inspection applications by the color difference manufacturer to color check measurement.

The spectrophotometer gives you the absolute value of the L*a*b. These values are used for high-precision analysis and accurate color measurement mainly in laboratory and research and development applications.Accuracy and 2. stable performance

See the repeatability in the datasheet, the value of △E*ab if less, then the instrument is more

accurate and stable. This value is achieved by taking the average of 30 measurements of a standard white plate.

3. Aperture selection for different surface

  • The 8mm aperture is a standard aperture, for almost any object.
  • The 4mm aperture is used for objects with small color measurement areas or arcs or objects with special surfaces. Examples include 20mm diameter plastic rod, cambered glass bottle and ceramic devices with convex and concave surfaces that are used in security facilities and more.
  • The 16mm aperture is suitable for objects with texture, pitting, particles or uneven surfaces where there could be a lot of color variations.

We can also customize for your special needs.

4. Software compatibility

Software applications are available for recording color measurements to provide a more comprehensive analysis for color quality control.

5. Micro printer

It is connected to a micro printer so that measurement results can be retrieved from the optional data processor and printed on-site. This will improve the user efficiency.

 WarrantyYou will get a 1-year warranty free both ways (i.e.no shipping cost to customer). This does not include lamp aging and damages caused by human activities. Vteke CM series comes with 3-year warranty free both ways.

 Special Measurements

Powder Measurement: You need to request for a powder container for measuring powder color.

Products like liquid, pulp, large powder and coating: A multi container for measuring these colors is provided.

Wet or Uneven Surface: Always use a protective glass plate to avoid the water to go inside and damage the instrument. Protective glass plate also can make the uneven surface to be even or smooth.

Textured or Patterned Surface: Repeat the measurement several times in different positions before calculating the average or choose an instrument with a 16mm aperture.